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Regarding the Meaning of Life


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I-Beestes are pondering…

How do we go from a closed-in world to one with wide open spaces?  How do you use your freedom?

How do you weigh the importance of your current goals and the amount it will cost you?

How do relationships and travelling shape our personalities and affect our goals?

How do you deal with the stress of a financial crisis?

Why do people judge others by how they look or dress, which can cause harmful things?  What do the mean people get out of it?  Why cause harm to others?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

What makes success and meaning of life come together?  Is success the meaning of life?

How do you deal with long-distance relationships?

How can people decide the true meaning of happiness?

How does it tie into your stage in life?  Your wealth?  Your family?  The job you have?

What do you do when something happens accidentally, that was completely out of your control, and you can’t help but thinking, “What if…?”

How do you deal with being forced to end relationships due to one person leaving?

How do we prepare ourselves for college in this upcoming summer?

How do you choose whether to metaphorically crash and land your plane before it runs out of fuel or wait until it runs out of fuel and crashes without choice?  In life we can make these connections with our vital decisions (they don’t always have to mean life or death either).

Growing apart from childhood / middle school / high school friends as we go our own ways to college (or what have you)…

Why are we here?

How are we supposed to live with nature?

What elements in your book cause you to question society or the effects of society on the individual?

What does it mean to love??

Why do risks appeal to some, but not to others?

How do other people influence your life?  How do their choices affect your choices?

Is giving up an option in life?

Do we pass up opportunities that are right in front of us?  Do we not always see the opportunities that are available to us?

Does high school ever really end?

How do you let people get close to you?  How do you say goodbye to those people?  Why do we do it?

How does this novel discuss the development of a friendship/relationship?

Does fate exist?

When and how can a limitation become inspiration?

How does misfortune lead to modesty in life?

What does it mean to be alive?  In the sense of breathing, thinking, loving.

A good question would be the structure of society, how that really affects our lives and makes meaning of them.

Should the meaning of life include using everything you do to find yourself and to find who you truly are?

How did the characters’ misfortunes affect them overall?  Was it a blessing in disguise or a way to grow?

How do certain decisions affect your life?

Is it relationships that cause happiness?  Or should you find and rely on yourself for your happiness?

How would you like to remember your final weeks of high school?  What would you like your lasting high school memories to be?


Any period may read or post to any period, but use this starting point for followups to class discussions.


Any period may read or post to any period, but use this starting point for followups to class discussions.



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